FALKORS Industry ROPE ACCESS training center

Rope access system is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work position, and to be supported there.

The advantage of using rope access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations in order to carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations, surrounding areas and the environment. 

The primary objective when using rope access methods is to carry out the work efficiently, with minimal accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences. In order to ensure a safe system of work is maintained at all times, whilst avoiding damage to property or harm to the environment, careful planning and documented risk assessments are undertaken for each operation.


The training system is analogous IRATA International , SOFT, FISAT ensures a safe systems of work and encourages career progression for rope access technicians in LATVIJA. Each technician is required to re-certify every three years in order to demonstrate they maintain the necessary abilities in order to work safely. Technicians may also progress through three levels as time, experience and training allow; each demanding a greater knowledge of the rope access skills necessary at the worksite.

 Together with our partners ''Baltic offshore center'' provide GWO working at heights course too.

Falkors Industry MSC provide three tipes of courses for work at heights.

Full course work at heights and rescue is 5 full days, which gives you full pack of knowledge about work at heights.

Work at heights course (2 daus), is half course, which not include rescue works.

Rescue, is course which we offer only for personal who have been trained at heights course.