Rope Access


The training system is analogous IRATA International , SOFT, FISAT ensures a safe systems of work and encourages career progression for rope access technicians in LATVIJA. Each technician is required to re-certify every three years in order to demonstrate they maintain the necessary abilities in order to work safely. Technicians may also progress through three levels as time, experience and training allow; each demanding a greater knowledge of the rope access skills necessary at the worksite.

Rope Access is full week course-5 days, which have been made for LV market. It is set on Irata course programm and principles.

It have 3 levels system plus instructor level.

You will need to pass theoretic exam and have to pass rescue exam in practice. 

Rope Access- Let you work in heights with, fall down, suspend and work place restrictive equipment. It's for towers, platforms, steel contractions, stairs, chair lift, roofs up to 15% inclination. In this training class, basic is stable surface below the feet.